Thursday 10 September 2015

Things that go Bump in the Night

My last 2 days off before University starts. Off down a lead mine a Nenthead on Saturday, a particular interest of mine and Nenthead is one of my favourite spots in the Pennines. The painting is continuing at a cracking pace and I've completed some of the SHQ figures I purchased at the Border Reiver. Peter from SHQ got in touch to swap the mispurchased figures, I do love great customer service.
First up is a Victorian werewolf, this is a great figure properly howling at the moon

Next up a couple of mummies, SHQ with the the jewelry, and a foundry one via Col Bill's. 

Finally the most terrifying thing of all. Armed men in skirts

I bought these at the Durham show and are Reiver castings VBCW scots.

This is a fairly dark song Curse of Millhaven

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