Tuesday 15 September 2015

Foreign chaps

I continue to plough through lots of odds and sods, trying to clear the decks for a winter of painting Republican Romans and Carthaginians.
First up a squad of Volksmarines from Scheltrum and a random sea captain from the collection. These are OK, 2nd tier quality - good poses and faces but only OK casting. These will enter the VBCW forces as,,, well I don't really know yet. I have a thought for an international brigade,

Dodgy Photgraphy though

Next up is a studio miniatures apocalypse survivor. This is definitely 1st tier and purchased, like all today's figs at the border reiver show. He will work well in the international brigade

Finally a Victorian Horror from SHQ. I recieved my replacement figures from them today and although still big the Sherlock Holmes set will work well with the Phantom of the Opera Would be a 1st tier figure but a little large (32mm)

This song could be written for the Phantom

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