Thursday 2 June 2022

Battle of Campanilla - Spanish Civil War AAR

 Today I went down to sunny Redcar to visit Ian and Jane and play in Ian's games room / garage/bike shed. We were giving my SCW armies a 1st try out and testing my Land and Freedom Rules, see pages above.

The battle was fictional one based around the campaign to capture Santander by the Nationalists, evil fascist scum (EFS) in 1937. The aim of the EFS was to secure the river crossings over the Pisuena river, whilst the the Republicans, brave socialist workers (BSW) were racing to stop them. Each side had 2 brigades, a couple of tank companies and artillery support.

The battle, EFS (me) to the right and BSW (Ian) to the left. Victor holds both river crossings

On my left Ian is advancing with a tank supported brigade of regulars

I've taken the wooded hills on the left with 2 brigades of regulars but have no tank or AT support

I do have artillery spotter with commanding view of the battle field. Artillery is good in my rules, but only one off map and 1 martor battery attack per turn max. The black and white numbers are priority points that decide when inte turn each unit is activated. Battalions have D3 (set at start) and these were pretty even across the armies. These can be added to by brigade and army commanders. I had 1 brigade commander with only 1 point to allocate and my army commander only had 1. Ian's were more even

I have rushed forward with a Moroccan Falange battalion, with AT support, in trucks, debused and occupied the town because...

Ian has done the same and tanked the bridge with a T26 and battalion in trucks.

On my right I'm advancing with a Falange battalion with Pz1 support

Ian debuses and tries to form a bridgehead, but I rain in fire

My AT takes out his T26

A brief firefight on te right and I've destroyed a International battalion

Ian has siezed the other bridge.

My supports have arrived to attack and wipe out his bridgehead

I now have a lot of forces in the line but Ian is still struggling to match me

I advance to the edge of town

I advance on the right and take out the battalion on the hill. The tank is important and I wipe them out. The flank is now open

I bring a battalion from the left to attack the bridge but in the open they get battered by artillery.

I storm the bridge with a Pz1 and Ian counter attacks with Molotov cocktails and take out the tank

Ian is still holding the bridges but on the left is very reduced, remove 1 more base and they will rout

My weight of numbers has wiped out Ian in the centre and we ended it there

It was a fun battle, very brutal and the rules worked well. We played on a 6x4 table and it was a bit packed. The messengers weren't really needed, mainly I had no points to give them and Ian was generally close enough with his commanders to not need them.


  1. Looks like an enjoyable contest.

    1. It was a blast, always fun with a new period, new armies and new rules. Need more stuff and a bigger table

  2. Really nice looking game sir!
    Warm regards

  3. It was a great game I really enjoyed the challenge of controlling brigades as I normally play skirmish type games

  4. All looks and sounds great.

  5. Nice stuff, I am working on SCW myself at the mo, but in 20mm and intending to use Iron Criss as the rules. Your description of the battle under pic two seems appropriate .... Nationalsts to the right, Republicans to the left. 😄

    1. good spot, I missed that. Good luck with the SCW, never played Iron Cross as I don't play a lot of WW2. You need to use a set that fits the mood of poorly trained, badly led fanatics. I found it really interesting to write my own. I do have soft spot for interwar stuff - not a fan of massive tanks but when a T-26 is a super tank I'm in.

  6. Good looking game and the collection out on the table already 👍

    1. Cheers, as you know I don't hang about. It was a good game to play, a couple more brigades and it would fit nicely in the dungeon. See you next weekend

  7. Fabulous stuff Martin - your collections looks terrific on the table. I love this setting. Will you be making your rules available for others (i.e. me) to try?

    1. Cheers., I've tweaked my storage and have space for more. Yay. The rules are at the top of the blog "Land and Freedom"