Monday 19 April 2021

Italian Wars Campaign Turn 2

 The start of the 2nd turn sees Milan now at war with Bologna and Genoa, whilst Venice has allied with Milan and declared war on Genoa. However they aren't at war with Bologna yet so can't attack Bologna.

Genoa has advanced to the walls of Milan and Milan has taken to the field to face them. 

Milan is on the right and Genoa the left. Milan has the larger army, approx 20% bigger and has a very large artillery force of 6 cannon and organ guns against Genoa's single gun.

The Genoese right, infront of a series of fields and farms

The Genoese centre and left, 2 pike blocks with knights in support

The Milanese centre, lots of pike blocks

Strong Milanese right with knights and crossbowmen

The Milanese right advances to threaten the Genoese flank

Aquebusiers inthe woods fire and waver Milan's mounted crossbowmen

There is a general advance from Milan and 2 cannon open fire severly mauling a Genoese pike block. This could go very badly very quickly for Genoa.

Even worse the aquebusiers in the woods are routed, small units and be jolly deadly but are very fragile

Over on the Milan left the battle of the farmland is a victory to Milan due to 2 devastating volleys from the organ gun. Milanese artillery has been brilliant so far, especially since a made it very hard to reload.

As the Milanese pike blocks advance the Genoese knights advance and attack. This is suicidal but they needed to breakup the milan advance. It works well enough that it gives time for the Genoese right to move over and support

Pike blocks are rock hard to the front but everything is in trouble is attacked in the flank or rear, and a unit a halberders is kicking butt.

A unit of Milanese knights had made it round the back and threatens the rear of the Genoese. Luckily one of the pike blocks has destroyed it's opponent and turns to face them. The knights will be kebab'd

This is it. a badly shaken genoese pike block against a fairly undamaged Landsknecht 1/2 size block. THe Landsknechts have a forlorn hope that can attack before the blocks clash. They are very small but very good at pike blocks. Big swords and halberds get them between the pikes and rout the Genoese. The final Genoese pike block is then routed by crossbow fire

Milan win but it was a bloody mess and only a minor victory.

The genoese army is forced back 1 hex.
The next turn is going to be a big one that could end the 1st italian war. Milan is beseiging Bologna but the relief force is near at hand, and Milan must storm Bologna. Genoa must attack again to split the Milanese forces or Bologna is effectively out of the game.
Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode


  1. That all looks great fun. Thank you

  2. Quite the intense battle. I'm enjoying the campaign a lot.

    1. It was very bloody. Glad you are enjoying it

  3. Good work Martin, those Italians could be fighting each other for years to come? Are you playing them solo and using any special solo approach

    1. Cheers, yes they could but I expect there to be many wars. After the next turn Bologna or Milan could be destroyed and a cease fire will be called. At moment I'm only randomly selecting the mercenaries and basically fighting meeting engagements. Needed to get comfortable with the forces.