Monday 16 July 2018

The Battle of Postling - Operation Sealion, or the one with only 5 sided dice

I went over to the dungeon this weekend to play an operation Sealion battle with Matt. The Germans are approaching Folkstone on day 1 and it's Matt's 14 battle so far, and my 3rd I think. The Germans (Matt) were racing to encircle Folkstone and had to pass the village of Postling. The Brits (your plucky hero Me) raced into the village to stop the Germans. What followed next was a debacle on an epic scale.

A Spitfire and a Stuka engage above the battle field

I instantly smoke the Stuka and have total aerial domination

The Brits pour into the village. A rag tag bag of whatever can be mustered on short notice

The Germans race down the road across the sheep fields from Postling

Vickers MkIV and and A9 lead the defense - that's about as good as they get

The Germans debus and turn across the field. They have Stug, a PzIV, Jadgpanzer, PzII and a Pz38 plus armoured car and Hannomags. The plan is to slaughter my tanks and then use the infantry to clear out the village. Easy

Even easier as my Spit gets taken out by mg fire from the ground

I flood the streets of Postling with my "armour" and my A9 immediately gets immobilised

Lots of strength in depth but none of it very strong

My bus is full of sailors rounded up from the bars and brothels of Canterbury and  they rush to occupy the house on the outskirts of town supported by a Vickers mg

He come the Germans

They are everwhere


Luckily there are more Germans - Paratroopers (can't spell fellshumjaeger - told you). Matt however is having a total shocker and can't kill anything. All my armour is still swinging and mowing down the German infantry 

Under cover of smoke a unit of Germans makes it to the hedge line supported by the Stug. A chance event forces them to attack the house where they take the ground floor from the Vickers and trap a heavily pinned unit of sailors upstairs

4 hours in and this is all I've lost

The Germans keep the pressure on but my 2lb AT guns are now at the front line and I take out the PzIV - well immobilise it twice

I have a Vicker MkIV with autocannon and it dashes forward and take the Pz38 in the flank

The German Paras have made it to the village but are going no further.

That was the high water mark for the Germans and it's a significant victory to the Brits. Postling is saved and maybe Folkstone. As always it's a great day at Matt's but this one was frustrating and the armour was impossible to kill. We both cheered every destroyed tank and bren carrier Bad day at the office.

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