Sunday 17 June 2018

Some kinda milestone

So it's 3.00am and I'm wide awake. Curry celebration for fathers day has not agreed with me and so I'm having a trawl on line and noticed a couple of things.
Firstly this is my 251st post on the blog and if you ignore russian spam bots about 50000 hits on the blog. That's 200 per post. All since April 2015, approx 160 weeks so about 1.6 posts per week.
I ve noticed a few things over the last few years
1. Wargames are lovely
2. I've stopped solo gaming, wargames are friendly
3. My painting is loads better than it was
4. My blogging rate has slowed down and is a function of my painting rate. Summer, the world cup and PUBG are to blame. Winner winner chicken dinner. Do like PUBG, 1st game I've been addicted to in 10 years.
5. I've played some awesome games, both fun and beautiful.
6. Matt stomps all over me at KoW, otherwise I do Ok in the gaming front,  lose some, win some and generally  have fun.
7. I enjoy reading blogs but don't always reply, I feel the need to say something different each time and I can't always find my thesaurus
 I would like to thank all my dear readers, hope you enjoy my ramblings. See you at a show some time

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