Sunday 7 January 2018

Belated happy New Year and Challenge update

When the Challenge is on it's a strange time for the blog as I usually just end up posting the same images twice.
I've started slowly but have started to pick up speed (next post will double my points score)

I've been painting Bolsheviks, as have a few more to do. These are Copplestone and some of the casting was a bit ropey, which is a shame as the figures are really nice

I was part of the Secret Santa this year, run by Roy Williamson, and got a great gift from Bad Squiddo

I've also picked up some Operation Sealion figs from Northstar

Finally over Christmas the Old Guard met and played WW1 Wings of Glory. It was a great laugh and we all loved it. So we all went off and bought some WW2 stuff - it's stupidly expensive. I bought a Mk1 Spitfire from Germany via Amazon - no sense of irony there.
Back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks on holiday or in my sick bed.

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