Wednesday 29 November 2017

Battleground and some Painting

With Christmas and the Challenge around the corner the Battleground show is a great opportunity to renew the massive lead pile. Bought loads of stuff, none of which is on display here - it's spread around the family to return to me. I bought loads of second hand stuff and 1/2 a 6mm BOAR army with James. Great for Team Yankee.
We played a display game - our group project was 10mm ACW and we fought the battle of Stones River

The opening. Me Dave and Steve are Union defending this end. My troops are closest with Dave and Steve in the field and woods to my right. James, Pete, Angus and John are the Rebels and are attacking

My forces

Angus immediately charges into the massed Union forces, who fire and miss. 1/2 an army fires and misses. Dave is immediately banned from firing again

Confederate reserves

Meanwhile Westerhope Gamers on the next table are fighting Wellington in India

My brigade advances to sweep the confederates flank

The confederates are pushing forward quickly

My troops faces James' 

Last turn and I charge - I would have fired for longer but time was pressing. James, as usual gets epic dice and i am rebuffed. Victory to the Rebels

I have also done some painting

Pulp Figures German Seebattalion - needs a flag

Askari support

Steam Punk George Stephenson - freebie from Partizan couple of years ago

I have a hankering for Necromunda and not being one to follow Gamesop I bought a gang from Hasslefree

Dad - a famed genetic engineer and body modifier

Agnes - the sweet one armed with an automatic grenade launcher (actually a blunderbuss with a magazine attached

Grace - the mad one armed with a blaster (flintlock with telescopic sight) and a robot arm

Mum, armed with an automatic nail gun and a massive sword
Dad was famed for his work on genetically modifying animals and the family pets got the full works

Scooby in power armour with a nail gun

Winston with a nail gun, in power armour

However he got into real trouble when he broke into the zoo

Po - panda with a light sabre

Uncle Ducky - duck billed platypus with a BFG

I did buy 3 sci fi terrain kits from the bring and buy, this is 1/2 of one of them.

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