Sunday 17 May 2015

Free giveaway

Not me, yet. It has become obvious to me that the generosity of the wargaming blogosphere is without limit. To celebrate his 10,000th hit Pendragon Without is giving away a wonderful church. Go over to his site and check out the general wonderfulness to be found there.
I also finished the hill that I started last week. The outcrops are the remains of a concrete flagstone weathering away to nothingness in my garden. The heather bushes are from Tajima 1. Overall its ok but you can still see the seams in the plaster cloth.

I also finished the compound from a previous post but forgot to photograph it.
I've now been blogging for about 6 weeks and generally it's been fun and the bloggers are great but I'm kinda drifting through the posts. I shouldn't have started immediately after the Analogue Hobbies challenge, I'm still a bit shell shocked. I can't get my painting going properly. I need to have a think and a proper plan to move forward. I have enjoyed the AAR posts and the central challenge of not turning them into Rimmer's Risk Diary. I've been tinkering with a VBCW campaign and have a starting battle plan, but I also have a colonial river based campaign in mind. Both appeal and I may focus on one or both for my posts in the future. 

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