Tuesday 18 January 2022

It's Dunsterforce

 Last year i painted up a set of figures for Dunsterforce. Dunsterforce, named after Lionel Dunsterville their commander, invaded Azerbaijan at the end of 1917. With the Russian Revolution the British were concerned with the potential capture of oil rich Baku buy the Turks. So they crossed Persia and then boarded ships to cross the Casptian Sea to Baku and mount a defence of the city. There were many adventures on the way but the force is best summed up by one incident. When it was time to cross the Caspian to Baku the locals wouldn't let them fly the Union Jack as it smacked of Imperialism (which was exactly the purpose of the campaign).The problem was the only other flag they had was the Imperial Russian flag and obviously that wouldn't do. So they turned the Russian flag upside down and crossed the sea under the flag of Serbia!.

On Saturday I drove over to Matt's and we fought a large action of Turks and some Russian vs Dunsterforce. THe aim was to capture the railhead and the trains in it. I was Dunsterforce and Matt the Turks.

Dunsterforce advances towards the railhead, which is lightly guarded by Russian militia

THe railhead with a MMG and a light Howitzer

In the distance the Turkish reinforcements are massing, they are many

THe Rolls Royce AC advances but failss to kill the howitzer

Which takes it out next turn. The buildings are now full of milita and they will slow me down just enough

As the Turks race in

I've cleared one of the buildings but 2 more remain as the 2nd wave of Brits appears

My cavalry have advanced, dismounted and are holding up the Turkish advance

Overhead a British plane is raining down lead

Still stuck in the town but the MMG has gone

Cavalry still doing their thing

At last through the town but I'm inthe open and the Turks are close by in cover

I get the worst of the fire fight

But my cavalry has moved off the threaten the Turkish rear

Still firing, and dying. My artillery is ineffective

But my cavalry charge and take out a Turkish gun

Despite taking heavy fire on the way in the Cavalry then take out the Turkish commander and the machine gun behind

But I can't get here, it's too far, my artillery is too ineffective and there are too many Turks

With the last throw of the dice the Turkish artillery takes out Dunsterville, just not cricket.

This was another great game to play and there will be many more. Back of Beyond is a great period, WW1 but with trenches and no mad good tanks


  1. Fabulous fun Martin, although not a period I am overly familiar with, sounds a perfect setting for some wonderful adventures.

    1. It was terrific, just channel your inner Kenneth More

  2. Nice just sorted out the photos so will post up this evening ๐Ÿ˜€ more to come and I have started painting the British ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Looks grand . I want a game