Friday 14 January 2022

Challenge Update

 The XII Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge started just over 3 weeks ago. This year there are a lot of fast painters and I think there will be a lot of figures painted during the challenge. There was even a write up in this month's Wargames Illustrated buy the dear, departed Noel.

As usual I've loads to paint and I am chewing through it quite nicely, I've top of the leaderboard at the moment but I have little hope of staying there. I had 1 main project, a 3D printed lizardman army (pretty much finished that) and a lot of other figures to top off other collections. I may even paint that 15mm Roman Legion that I've got staring at me.

So what have a painted


and some more

Brilliant lizardman general

Big jobs, Godzilla style

1st Iguana Lancers

more lizardmen

and more

and more

guess what

The whole army, most of these are from Sundered Studios and I highly recommend

Daugthers of Gaia by Bad Squiddo

Steam punk crabs

Last and not least a Were-armadillo

I've enjoyed the painting, nice to get back into it and i am off to refight the battle of Baku tomorrow with the Dunsterforce.