Friday 7 January 2022

Disaster at Lutterberg

 Today I went over to Dave's to play a 7YW battle and teach him the Honours of War rules. I decided to fight the battle of  Lutterberg but swap the sides to be Prussian and Austrian from the French and Allies.

Basically the Austrian are on a low ridge to the SW of Lutterberg and are facing a larger Prussian army who have managed to out flank them with a large force. This should be pretty easy for the Prussians to roll up the flank. I was playing the Prussians

The battle field with the turned flank closest

The Prussians advance on the meagre Austrian defenders

The centre, fairly even although the Prussians have a grenadier brigade.

On the austrian left 2 brigades of cavalry face off against each other

The prussians advance and the Austrians throw in a desperate cavalry charge into the Prussian infantry

THe cavalry are annihilated. With another Prussian brigade to the front the Austrians are doomed

Over on the Austrian left the cavalry brigades have clashed and both brigades are blown. No hope for Austrian reinforcements from here. No long now, nothing can go wrong from here

I launch an all out attack. In honours of war each brigade is activated on a D6, throw a 6 and you get a double move but throw a 1 and you can't advance. Over the next turn and a half I threw 8 1s in 11 throws. My advance halted, the flanking brigade and supporting cavalry remained stationary for 3 moves. The consequence of  this is that my brigades advance piecemeal and the Austrians were able  pick off the Prussian brigades with greater localised firepower

This happened across the table

and here. The Prussian centre is smashed

At last the Prussian Cavalry as turned up but it is too late and it is a clear victory to the Austrians

It was good day and a good battle but I am never borrowing Dave's dice ever again


  1. Some days the dice are just not with you!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks, it was frustrating and then funny

  3. Nice to see the SYW boys out again 👍

    1. Yes it was, sort of project Save would be interested in. Im also talking Ian, who id ont think you know but in Redcar ironbeards, into starting a Russian army.

  4. That's a bit of a departure from the steamy Vietnam jungle, but cracking looking game.

    1. variety is the spice of life, but it was a nightmare