Sunday 16 January 2022

Ardhammer 2022

 Today was Ardhammer in Gateshead. I've not been before and Matt and Steve were making the trek over to have a look. So I popped down. It is simply a bring and buy sale with about 30 tables in 3 shifts. It is not open to traders and is an opportunity to buy some stuff. Which I did.

Kings of War Fantasy rules

A load of painted gis, mainly dwarfs, all were £1 each. Should have bought more

Some ruins, not a bargain and need to pay more attention when checking out stuff as 1 of the sprues was nearly empty

Paint (£1 each) and some Chindit mule teams. Do love a mule team and will have multiple uses if I base the muleteers separately

Bargain of the day. Reaper bones figs at £1 or £2 each. Bought a lizardman, cowboy and a female warrior plus a couple more were creatures

Generally a good day, although most of the stuff was GW and expensive (cheap for GW) and will be back for the next one in 2 years time