Sunday 15 August 2021

WW2 US Armoured Infantry Platoon

 So Matt you were correct, I've finished my platoon. My US armoured infantry platoon, circa 1943/43 is kinda done.

The full force is 5 M3A1 Half tracks (Warlord) each armed with a .50 cal HMG, the gunners made from the bits box

Infantry section, 8 men, inc BAR and rifle grenade, and a bazooka.

Another 1. All the infantry are from the Parry's plastic box (except 2 I had knocking about). For North Africa there were bazookas but nobody had training so rifle grenades were used and 37mm AT gun. The 37mm AT gun was a permanent feature throughout the war even though it was obsolete vs tanks. Need to buy one. 

Command platoon with officer and sniper

Macine gun section with 2 .30 cal

Mortar section. Only 8 figs in this section so 37mm AT will join these

Couple more shots

Really liked painting these. Will need more troops to make our usual sized battle, 20-24 units (currently 17) and have found some Shermans to add to mix. Next stop North Africa, or Italy


  1. Well that didn’t surprise anybody ! They look good 👍We can squeeze my Germans into Italy although I think the uniforms are technically changed by then. Africa might be stretching it even for me as I definitely don’t have Africa Corps !

    1. they were really easy. Some of the old guard have afrika korps but italy was always the plan. good excuse for me to bUY some germans

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    1. thanks, gotta buy some Germans now, and tanks and 28mm Italian Terrain, and.......

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    1. Yip. On the upside 24 units is a lot for Bolt Action and this is already 17. Couple tanks, AT gun and a sexy jeep with .50 cal and nearly there. Need some Germans but found a bargain german para force. Will have to wait til pay day. Spent lot the last 2 months