Bolt Action ACW Rules

Friday, 3 April 2020

Random Painting and News of a Battle

I've  managed to get some free time and today fought a 15mm solo battle using KoW.

I set up the battle in my spare room, which has terrible lghting. Simple layout with smal village and ruined temple in the centre and some small hills down the middle. The deployment was set up blind using cards 

On the left the Kingdom of Pontus, a late Successor army with large pike blocks, scythed chariots wild Galatians, cataphracts and light cavalry. In deployment 2/3 of them turned up. On the right a classical Indian army heavy with elephants, 4 horse chariots, cavalry. spearmen and load of archers. However only 1/3  of them turned up. Reinforcements would arrive randomly each turn. Basically both sides had lots of light stuff and lots of heavy stuff

At this point the visibility deteriorated and photography became difficult. The ensuing battle was brutal with both side smashing into each other relentlessly. 1st the Indian cavaly swept away the Pontic skirmishers and light cavalry. Then the Pontic cavalry destroyed the Indian cavalry. Then the Indian heavy chariots destroyed the Pontic cavalry and chariots. The the Indian elephants ran over the Galatians and that was it. 1/3 of the Pontic force was destroyed and the intact pike blocks were surrounded. Crushing indian victory. 
Next up fix the lighting and a new battle with a tweak to the stats.

I've also been painting in the evenings

28mm post apocalyptic sniper from Bad Squiddo

54mm female warrior on a ostrich - Mr lees

15mm Thracian Light Cav - Forged in Battle

15mm Thracian archers, slingers and a general - Forged in Battle


  1. I always lose patience when trying to play solo, so well done on seeing it through. Playing simple rules like KOWH must help?

    1. I have the space to leave it up. but yes use simple rules and randomise things like deployment. Then you have a tactical problem. Good way to ingrain the rules into your head. To be honest took me less than 3 hours and 4 moves before victory was obvious. Until then it was evens

  2. Couldn't we all use a half naked, ostrich riding lady in our life.

  3. Well you've been busy Martin, love that ostrich rider - not a phrase I was expecting to use today. :)

    1. cheers, hope you are well.

    2. All well gearing up for teaching from home in a couple of weeks. Take care.

    3. and you, same here with teaching