Friday 17 April 2020

On painting the unexpected and schoolboy errors

So I'm still ticking over. Painting is happening but work is very very busy and remote is not my natural habitat so painting is happening slowly, I'm spending far too much time eating. I've sold the dirt wagon and used the money to buy cake. I'm not complaining, apart from the cake, in every way I'm better off than almost every body
No with the painting, that's why you came.

1st up a Bactrian Pike block These are forged in battle and I picked them up 2nd hand ffom Col Bill. They will be a horde in KoW and therefore need 8 stands, so 2 missing

I set the 3rd and 4th rows too far back, wasn't paying attention. I was 2 figures short but had a couple of casualties to add to the back roews

As I was 2 bases short and Westwind are shut I picked up some Xyston Bactrian types from Col Bill. Xyston are nice figs but they don't match

Spare figs made a command stand. 
So I am now in the hell of balancing figs, I need 8 figs walking and 8 figs presenting. the packs are different and come in 24s inc 3 command figs. That will leave 13 spare in each one. Which won't add up to full stands. This will go on ad infinitum. 

Next up Thracian heavy cav, again Forged in Battle from Col Bill

Nice figs. I've ordered some infantry from A&M so I now have a decent sized Thracian army, enough for a wing in a massive 15mm battle

Next up I've finished another scifi type from Bad Squiddo. 

 And now something completely new to me. Spaceships. I was on the Plastic Soldier Company website and you can buy a pack of 34 plastic space ships for £10. They arrived and are really great. 11 different types and about 3 inches long. They are cast oin hard plastic and have an amazing amount of detail

So i painted one up. The stand is a 60x30 base and the uprights are cocktail sticks

It looks really great and as i learn how to paint them better hopefully they will get better - white on black is tricky

With a 28mm one for scale. Now I need some rules for space armada battles - suggestions welcome

Stay safe, stay well and see you at a show in the autumn



  1. A great mix of figures and periods Martin!

  2. The Pike blocks look great, we need a big ancients bash when all this is over. For your spaceships, try to get hold of Full Thrust rules from Ground Zero games, best Sci Fi fleet combat rules ever, bar none! There may even be a free starter version, I shall try and find it.

    1. yes we must. I have loads now, esp a Saka Indian army and a successor army

  3. The whole rulebook and both fleet books for Full Thrust are available for free download on the Ground Zero games website, enjoy!

  4. Good stuff, particularly like the Thracians. Space ships are cool....if I didn’t have far far too much stuff I might rush out and buy some 🙂

  5. Most beautiful and impressive pike blocks, excellent!

  6. Now there's a mix! Great job Martin and don't worry about the cake. ;)

    1. ta, i'll try not to. I do make a mean flapjack though