Sunday 18 February 2018

A Sunday at Dave's

Today me and James (  met at Dave's ( to play Team Yankee and the 1st scenario in the Iron Maiden rules - Covering Force. James came and lunchtime and I arrived in the morning to play Death in the Dark Continent. This was our 2nd go at the rules and the 1st ended in bloody slaughter of the African natives at the hands of the French. This time Dave had set up an ambush scenario with Brits and Egyptians vs mahdists. I was the Brits and had to cross the table clearing Mahdists as I went.

The Egyptians - 3 units Egyptian Infantry, I unit Naval Brigade, Gardiner gun and medium artillery piece and a baggage train. 

I have to cross this with 2/3 of my force left

Immediately I am engaged on the left by Mahdists and an Egyptian unit turns to face them and they are disordered

On the right there is a large empty space behind the mesa and I wander off to investigate

The 2nd Mahdist unit on the left tries to charge home but fails and I butcher them and their mates

More Mahdists emerge from the wadi

Behind the mesa I form a line just as the Mahdists charge. Melee rules are very very brutal and even though I'm ready

This happens

THe Madhists on the left are in deep trouble and although I'm now disordered Dave must make saving rolls to survive

Which he fails

I'm ready for more action but the Mahdists retreat

In the face of hearts of oak

I start to advance

and cross the wadi

Glamour shot

On the other side is high grass and lots of Mahdists. If I wait then they will charge out of the grass and butcher me. So I advance the Egyptian infantry to get a clear shot. Dave rolls to charge and hits me

The Egyptians die and their mates run off leaving the Naval Brigade alone and defeated.
The game was great fun but we had too much long grass and I couldn't get a field of fire. Needs a set fire to the grass rule, or less grass. The artillery rules make it too weak and the melee is totally brutal

Team Yankee tomorrow, stay tuned

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