Saturday 13 June 2015

These are small but Those are far away

Went to the Durham wargames show today. Had a nice time, met Roy Williamson and spent too much money. I always suffer a degree of regret on leaving these shows, there are things I wish I'd bought and things I wish I hadn't, hindsight is bleedin' awful . Did enjoy the show though. Didn't take any photos as my hands were full. The venue is small but about the right size. The demonstration games looked cool and I wish I played the Grimsby Wargamers Zulu game, it looked great.
I bought some more VBCW figures, this time from Reiver Castings, a local company with an eclectic catalogue. I bought some Highland infantry in kilts and Tam O' Shanters. I was looking for some mortars but despite making them in 20mm and making civilian artillery crews they didn't make 28mm scale mortars. They were surprised at this omission from their ranges and offered to send me a couple of 20mm scale 81mm mortars to use as 60mm mortars for free to go with the civilian crews I bought. I think I've just expanded their range and as a reward for their generosity I bought a Lloyd-Carden carrier. Good business for both parties.

The main reason for going was that I had pre-ordered some figures from Pendraken - my first foray into anything other than 28mm since I was 14. Hence the title and not just an excuse to link to the funniest scene from Father Ted, if not in the history of the world. If you've never seen Father Ted then you must watch it, and Black Books.
I had ordered an 1864 Danish division and an equivalent Prussian division to fight the 2nd Schleswig war.

These look really great and I also found 6 x 4 horse ACW limbers from Colonel Bill's which will work nicely with both sets of forces with a little tweaking. Got the maths wrong and only bought enough Prussians to build 800 strong battalions not the 1000 required. however going back to reading "Bismarks First War" by Michael Embree the Prussians didn't call up their reserves and so were only 800 strong. If this period turns out to be as interesting as I think then there is lots of potential for bringing in the other European nations.
At the Bring and Buy sale there were bargains galore, including a 1:200 WW2 German Armoured Division fully painted for £15 which I wish I'd bought. What I did buy was "A History of the Art of War in the Middle Ages". Volume 1 by Sir Charles Osman, I already have Vol 2. I also bought a selection of 10mm buildings for £8

Finally I have been building some terrain for 10mm and stumbled across this website for a paper model of a German village in 10mm. The building are great and in full colour, although I only printed them in black and white.

Unfinished village

And finally my current favourite song - Thunder Road - not the one you were expecting and I do love the original

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