Saturday 20 June 2015

A Snowball in Hell

Last week I went to the Durham show and collected some Pendraken figures for a division each of Danes and Prussians to fight the 2nd Schleswig war. I had been thinking about this for a couple of years as I like the tactical manoeuvre phase in a battle before contact and this is difficult with 28mm on my big 4 foot by 8 foot board.
The figures are great but much smaller than anything I had painted for decades and that made me nervous. My painting skills are good enough of 28mm but could I really do 10mm.
I started with a couple of Danish regiments, figures at 50:1 scale with 4 figures on a 20mm square base. This gives 4 bases to a battalion and 8 for a regiment. 2 regiments makes a brigade and 3 brigades a division plus artillery and cavalry support.
Painting was right at the edge of my abilities, even a new brush. The Danes are dressed very similarly to ACW Union figures with dark blue jackets, sky blue trousers, black webbing and red collar flashes.

As usual the photos are rubbish

I have learnt that more than anything paint consistency is vital. Generally the painting is a little to hard for me and my failing eye sight and it's more of a chore at the moment but the finished figures look pretty good.
Once finished I plan to use the Too Fat Lardies "They Couldn't Hit an Elephant" rules with the Prussians using Superior small arms. They appear to give the effect I'm looking for but no doubt I'll tinker with them.
Back to some 28mm for a rest.

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