Friday 5 June 2015

The Wonder of You

As seen in my last post I have been adding to my VBCW figures since I fought a big battle a couple of weeks ago. My last post included extra heavy weapons for the Socialists. I have added to my Fascist side with a few converted Perry Afrika corps. These have been converted in BUF and my Northumberland Rangers (basically Finns repainted). I now have 3 full sections of rangers and BUF. More importantly my storage box for them is full.
However I am short of Socialists, approx 2/3 the Fascist numbers so I needed to up their numbers, my bits box only contained Perry 8th Army figures and a few randoms.
I know Geordies are hardy souls

and Geordie of the Antarctic - Vic and Bob but infantry in shorts doesn't really cut it. 
In May 1938 Port Vale F.C. were celebrating the end of the football season, and a glorious 15th in the division 3 North, with a short break in Whitley Bay when war broke out. They were trapped in the North of England and far from the dark satanic mills of home, like me now.

Earnshaw Pottery, Stoke on Trent.

Unable to return home they joined the local socialist revolution and took up arms under their manager Tom Morgan.

These are all, except the manager, 8th Army with webbing removed, contain a grenadier, Bren gunner and medic and are classed as sporty (+1 run move).
In the UK many football teams have their own song, Port Vale's local rivals Stoke City have Delia Delilah (thanks Roy) by Tom Jones, oddly a song about a man who knifes his girlfriend. Port Vale have this The Wonder of You.

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