Sunday 28 June 2015

Not the End of the World

My painting of the Danes for the 2nd Schleswig war is continuing. I am starting to get used to the 10mm scale and the impressionist style.
1st up another infantry brigade, 2 regiments in great coats. Made a schoolboy error of painting the greatcoats prussian blue, painted the webbing and then realised that the greatcoats were grey so had to start again. I've also run out of tufts so simple flocking at moment.

Next a regiment of dragoons - well 2 half regiments. The sky blue uniforms are a little 1980's lounge suit - my mate's dad had one. Webbing not great - 1/2 me and 1/2 front and back castings don't match up

Finally the artillery - 3 batteries of light guns with limbers from Colonel Bill's - ACW but they look fine - actually the modelling is better than the Danes.

Overall quite pleased with progress and they look good on my table. 1 more brigade and an extra regiment to paint and the Danes are done.
Finally this was the musical find of the week - 6 Music is my go to radio station unless the football on, and they played this on Friday - Shilpa Ray - which made my musical day - I have a penchant for unusual records that rock and this does.
P.S. I would like to congratulate the England Ladies Football team on reaching the world cup semi final. Not the best team but the most determined - a typical British trait. Go Lionesses

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