Wednesday 28 October 2020

Arab Army

 The last post was Andalusians and Templars and I have loads of Normans. Therefore I can now fight early crusades and El Cid games. But I needed opponents. I had a root round and found some arab types. Mainly a mix of Perry Ansar, Gripping Beast plastics (?) and a some Napoleonic Persian camel gunners from Irregular. To these I bought some ebay arabs and a couple of packs of camel riders and horse archers from Black tree.

First up the camel gunners needed aging about 700 years. I swapped the heads for spare plastic ones and then draped the riders with cloaks and dishdashes made from toilet paper painted with watered down PVA. This is very therapeutic and very easy. There was something odd about the finished figures though

The rest of the army just needed basing and painting

THe full army. Using KoW basing rules it is 2 troops of cavalry, 2 troops heavy cavalry, 1 troop horse archers, 2 troops camel riders, 3 regiments spearmen, 1 troop spearmen, 4 troops archers, 1 regiment warriors, 1 troop warriors, 1 troop armoured spearmen and 3 commanders.

Heavy Cavalry - Westfalia Napoleonic Afghans - great figures

Cavalry and camel riders in 1 standard bearer that used to be a camel gunner

Camel riders - worked out the odd thing yet. They are all left handed. Unit of horse archers and another unit of cavalry

Archers and spearmen

Spearmen and warriors

Spearmen and warrios

More archers
 This is a nice sized force that will do me for all types of campaigns. If I can find any evidence of camelphracts being used then I have some of them as well.

Right back to painting Templars


  1. Great stuff Martin, you do get stuff done quick.

  2. Well that is an army which has grown from nowhere to good scale very quickly. I am working away slowly on the camel riders but it is slow as I keep being distracted. I do have a few units left in the lead pile as well.

    1. I apparently had quite a lot in various draws. It's enough I think unless I can field flying carpets! Some ACW next, not feeling Templars at the moment (too much white paint).