Tuesday 13 June 2017

Gardening in War Time

Final bits and pieces completed for the big battle at the weekend. At Partizan Dave Docherty got loads of well deserved praise for the little touches on the battlefield, from stretcher bearers to dirty postcard sellers. Matt Crumps does similar with his battlefields and both look fantastic. I don't have similar touches and my battlefields are somewhat lacking. So for the battle on Sunday I've been making little touches to add to the game.
First up some civilians

1st up workers having a tea break. These figures are all drivers from either Empress SCW or Dixon's gangster drivers. 

I was going to call the town drunk and his wife the Thompsons but he has too much hair. Dixon's 1930s civilians

Selection of Dixon's 1930's civilians. Figures are really great

 No British battle scene would be complete without evidence of the greatest British hobby - gardening
These are simply sand coated strips of card covered in tufts.

All is now set, I have a couple of more things I could do but I'm going to run out of time, and space in the car. The battle will be a 6 sided skirmish for control of the village pub using Bolt Action rules - I really like Bolt Action. It will be chaos but will it be good chaos or bad chaos. Tune in next week to find out

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