Tuesday 8 March 2016

News from the front

No pictures today but things have been happening. Very, very busy at work so no painting for a whole week and not sure how much will be done before end of challenge. Hopefully my 500 point lead will be enough.
Anyways things haven't  stopped. I bought a copy of To the Strongest. It looks very professional, unusual for wargames rules, and Millsy should be proud of his design skills. Simon Miller has produced an interesting set of rules that I'm  keen to try, radically different from my usual mountains of dice.
I recovered my gaming boards with green felt and they look good, even with the bodged last 2 cm, my 1800 wide boards are 1802cm - very annoying. I have dotted them every 1500mm to create the boxes used in TtS and it looks fine.
Finally I  got an email from warlord today giving me a £10 discount so I bought some Russian  partisans for VBCW.
may actually go to the Dumfries  show this weekend
P.S. Blogger eating comments again so if I don't reply sorry but I still love you all

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