Monday 21 March 2022

Battle of Hochkirch

 Saturday I went over to the dungeon to fight another 7YW epic against Matt. In the battle of Hochkirch Frederick had been caught napping by the Austrians and was facing a desperate fight to escape

The setup, looking to the Southern end, with the prussians on the far side of the fordable river, and behind entrenchments around the base of the river tot he south of Hochkirch

At the top of the river the crossing is held by a very strong force of grenadiers, again in entrenchments.

they will be a tough nut to crack

view of the southern entrenchments from the Austrian position. There are Austrians on may side of the river and to the south, where my main strength lies. my plan is to attach the bridge position to keep the Prussians busy whilst I attach from the south in overwhelming force.

The battle opens with the Austrians emerging out of the fog in column and changing formation to line but they couldn't reach the bridge embankment in 1 turn The Prussians opened fire and butchered the brigade. It was combat ineffective inthe 1st turn and i did the maths in my head, there was no way i could take this redoubt. I'm contemplating a new hobby as Matt has 3 of these and shooting is ineffective against them. I need to charge in, but not here.

To the south I have 3 massive brigades and a cavalry brigade, with reinforcements expected. A well coordinated attack here and the Prussians will be running. I send the cavalry around the flank and begin my advance

The 1st brigade smashed home but I roll terribly on command rolls and they go in unsupported. I spike the guns but the brigade routs. I'm now actively thinking of the best way to set fire to Matt's dungeon.

These 2 brigades watch their comrades run.

Next turn and my cavalry launches their flank attack on the southern redoubt and capture the trenches. Top work, although they won't be able to take the town

A brigade  of cavalry and infantry advances to the west and facing off against a Prussian cavalry brigade.

The view to the north. Prussians to the West of the river and Austrians to the East, currently out of range

I finally get my Southern infantry moving and they smash into the redoubts and sweep them clear

The massed Austrian infantry advance past the entrenchments and the end of the river and occupy Hochkirch. All I have to do now is sweep up the table and can claim the 7 victory points needed (1 per brigade destroyed and 1 for each village captured). I now have 3

My bridge brigade is reinforced with another brigade and I try again for the redoubts. 

It is a complete disaster, again. In hindsight I should have left it alone and advanced my brigade to the North and support by recently arrived cavalry. I could have pinned a large force of Prussians and bypassed the redoubt. That's why it's called hindsight

Because Matt's cavalry can now cross the river and engage my cavalry. I push him back but I'm very isolated here.

To the South my infantry advances 

And clears out the Prussians, 4 VPs

I'm in open country as Matt tries to organise a defence

I've finaly cleared the redoubts around the bridge, but only becasue Matt has advanced to kill my cavalry!

They die quickly

Matt launches desperate cavalry charge to hold my southern advance while he organises his defence

I see them off and am now at 5VPs

But Matt has a strong position with his 21/2 remaining brigades and we call it a day, it was 5.30.

It was another brilliant battle, with epic sweeping manoeuvres and the swing from loss to near victory made it very exciting. Love these battles more than any other.
On the 26th Pendraken are having their shop opening and i'm putting on a 7YW game, if you are in the NE come along, say hello and do some shopping


  1. Excellent! I enjoyed seeing Hochkirch told from both perspectives. Super looking table and troops. Matt’s SYW battlefields look so realistic. From your photos, the table looks smaller than I imagined. What was the actual footprint of battle?

    Congratulations on the victory.

    Which battle is next for you two?

    1. I love playing at Matt's. He always has an excellent layout, and nice soup. It was a small table for us, about 8ft by 5ft and "L" shaped. I had loads of room to move about. Normally we have about 10 by 5 and even igger if we play outside in his pavillion. I didn't actually win, but would have done. It is rare that we have a decisive conclusion as we play such big battles. Next up is a big Back of Beyond battle with British raid on Afghan valley. Chance to get my British Indian Army out against Matt's and my Afghans. Should look beautiful

    2. I am sure it will be beautiful. I expect nothing less.

    3. I'm looking forward to it already

  2. Oh how the fickle fate of the dice gods can ruin a plan. Great report Martin. Shame about the result, but you were so close!

    1. Aren't they just. Close to the actual result

  3. Excellent looking game. Enjoy your game at Pendrakens opening.

  4. Some debate over the victory which clearly means the Prussians and Austrians need a rematch. Of course in reality many battles were fairly indecisive in their outcome with one side claiming victory because they held the ground but having failed to eliminate the enemy threat who then regroup to fight another day. Selection of balanced victory conditions is key ­čĹŹ

    1. no I'm pretty sure I didn't win. It was night and you were still there. Any talk otherwise is simply propaganda. It was a great battle, I need to be both more and less patient