Sunday 29 November 2020

Getting Challenge Ready

 It's that time of the year. Finishing off 1/2 completed figures and prepping new figures. Yes is Analogue Hobbies Challenge time. This will be my 6th(?) challenge and has been one of the most important parts of my hobby life. It is where I met most of the people I game with.

So I've been prepping, loads of 10mm Italian Wars figures, some more ACW (already have too many), a new and obscure WW1 project, and my usual eclectic mix of random stuff I like to paint.

To clear the decks I've been painting the following

1st up a couple of practice bases of Landsknecht pikemen in 10mm. These were fun to paint, which is a relief as I've got loads and loads of them (impulse ebay buy)

My next project is Dunsterforce. Dunsterforce was the British incursion into Armenia in 1918 to prevent the Ottoman Empire from gaining control of Baku and the oil wells there. It was a proto SAS volunteer force that started with 40 men and expanded to 5000 with armoured cars and planes. I've some figures on order but a raid of the existing figures gave me some artillery pieces and figures. This mortar is scratch build

13lb cannon

18lb cannon

Random officer types from the colonial box

The force so far. More infantry and cavalry to come. I'm pondering a Turkish Army from Woodbine Design

Lastly i have an ongoing 15mm project set around Pontus and the Black Sea in 90BC. These 3 units are the last of the Thracians

All in all a productive couple of weeks. Right now back to prepping


  1. Good to see someone else is painting a variety of stuff.

  2. Good work, I need to read up about the Dunsterforce a bit more see how they or similar can fight against our Russians ?

    1. Basically fought with Armenians and cossacks against turks are some bolsheviks. Can expand to fight with white Russians vs bolsheviks. But it ok as there is sale at woodbine design so just bought ottoman army. Opportunity for campaign like your Greek 1 with 5 sides

  3. Hi Martin - glad to see I'm not the only one thrown into a panic about all the half-painted projects which might not get touched till April! Nice Italian Wars pikes - are we going to see more of these over the next few months, then?

    1. Noel, yes. Those to bases are 1/2 a pike block and I think I have 9 blocks to paint plus loads of crossbow men, aquebusiers and cavalry

  4. Nice stuff Martin, looking forwards to seeing more over the coming challenge.