Monday 8 June 2020

Tidying up and Finishing off Collections

Afternoon all, hope you are well.

I'm still busy with work, but I've finished my marking. I've been painting random stuff in the lead pile and clearning up the storage. Made some space for new projects, need some new projects.

1st up I've completed all my ACW figures. This is the last Union cannon, the cannon is a Perry napoleonic Russian one, but I had the figures and no cannon. Not sure how the photo looks as i'm using the new blogger layout and can't find the bigger image button

This is the "final" Reb regiment - a generic one. There are 7 bases, normally 5 or 6 makes a regiment, but I had 28 figures.

Over the winter I bought the Bad Squiddo female AAA unit with a Bofors. I also bought the spotters and I had a model Bedford truck which I had picked up cheap at a show
This is the full unit now. Very nice, need them to fight now

The 10mm 7YW project continues, I've finished the planned Austrians and now onto the Prussians
These are what I've done so far. Actually I'm missing 7x12lb cannon that I have painted but forgot to photograph. Most of these are actually Brunswickers that I have repainted. The flags are moulded into  the casting and therefore I have to hand paint them

These will be quite good when done and I've done about 1/2 of the planned army.

It's not just painting though. I've played a couple of great games. One with Matt, which was great fun. The write up can be found here. On the 6th June we fought Utah beach, again great fun, and can be found here. I'm really enjoying online gaming

Have fun and stay safe



  1. I do love a good tidy up and all looking splendid here, especially like the anti-aircraft team. With regards to photographs on the new blogger if you click on the photo having uploaded it you should see some justifying options and what looks like a little pen, click the pen and you will be able to edit the size of the image in the post.

  2. Looking good Martin and many projects moving forward. Not sure some of them will ever be finished.......... we might have to wait until lock down ends but we have some options for the bofors to play.

    1. cheers, the butterfly advantage. Will be good to play in Cumbria again

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