Saturday 10 December 2016

Loads of Prussians and the Amazon Postman rings the bell loads of times

I've not been doing a lot of painting this week, Suicide Squad, Star Trek and 2 series of Castle to watch. I'm a big fan of Castle, it reminds me  of Buffy without the vampires, i.e. it's very random, generally well written and funny, but now it's finished so will need to find a new favourite TV show.
Last week and today I did paint some more of the 10mm Prussians, I'd added to the original army with some more infantry, to paint, and some Uhlans.

Staff Officers. The Prussians had better officers than everybody else on continental Europe so givng them more than anyone else will help

Infantry Regiment of 3 Battalions

And another

3 field guns with limbers. The limbers are ACW bought from Col Bill but some hat filing gave them Pickelhaubes 


Close up - uniforms very similar to infantry

11th Uhlan Regiment (2nd Brandenberg)

Yellow cuffs and epaulettes

Love these figures

Followers of my adventures will know that I am lucky enough to play VBCW in Matt Crump's dungeon. We fight VBCW and Matt has a couple of 1:48 biplanes to give his forces air support - I shot one down last time which was revenge for our first battle where his biplane caused me great damage. They are mounted on telescopic car aerials and look brilliant. So, as it's Christmas and I haven't bought myself a present yet I bought this from Amazon for £14.99.
Went out of production in 1937 so is the perfect age. However it is at least 35 years since I built an model aeroplane and this is quite complicated. Looks like tomorrow is sorted

These also arrive - 10 for £7. I broke my 2 main paint paint brushes - 10mm figs are rough on brushes

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