Thursday 11 February 2016

Guess What?

Yip another painting challenge update. This is a long post so it needs a long song (cheesy classic)

I feel a bit weird about these posts as they are basically duplicates and I don't like repeating myself. That is a bit odd from a man who lectures for a living and basically repeats himself annually (well almost, I do like to tinker with my lectures every year)
Also it feels like I haven't posted for ages and I'm away all weekend.
I have done no gaming, but I have have been trying to cover my gaming boards with not quite enough felt, very annoying.
First up the Curtgeld, Curt's payment for running the challenge is a figure of a gambler, I chose Wild Bill Hickok, he's an Artizan figure.

The main work has been my Republican Romans, which I'm loving. The figs are Crusader (bought in their sale as a full army last January) and Aventine. The Crusader figs are well made and great figures but the Aventine ones are works of art, if a little tall.  I love the overall effect and I really like painting the shield designs.
First up 2 units of hastai

Aventine Figs

Crusader Figs

Next up a unit of Principes

Crusader Figs

All legions need commanders and I have 3, mainly Aventine and 1 Crusader. I based them up as little vignettes and i think they work really well.

This guy was out of a Northstar lucky bag and I added the crest from the bits box

The next figs are from Magister Militum and are a weird looking Carthaginian general

Finally some Parthian Camel Cataphracts. Always wanted some of these and a desert fantasy army. The figures are really tall, 70mm.

right I'm off to get drunk for 4 days in Bedfordshire

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