Tuesday 14 April 2015

Apocalypse Survivors

Thank you for all you kind comments and help. I don't intend to publish this frequently but I'd done some stuff.
After 3 weeks of not picking up a brush I'm back in the groove. I have been receiving a steady stream of parcels since the end of the Painting Challenge to rebuild my depleted lead mountain. I told myself I would wait until the Border Reiver show in September but there was so much good stuff that I couldn't resit.
Top of the list were some Hasslefree post apocalyptic survivors and a big ass box of zombies, which I will try and paint in grey scale. First of all  the survivors, these are as usual all beautifully sculpted and cast. They were a joy to paint and overall I'm pretty happy with these, although there is too much rubble on the bases and once again the photography leaves something to be desired, I need a proper camera, tripod and lights, oh and some natural ability.
I am somewhat of a failed perfectionist, my desire to achieve perfection is imperfect. The result of this is a could do better attitude, which I think is more constructive. Don't do resting on my laurels, you end up sitting on dead plants. Anyway enough rambling and on to the figures.
First up the veterans

Vic - hardened helicopter pilot

Laurie - channelling Katniss Everdeen

Next up the cheerleader gang

Summer - cheerleader from Rydell High

Eve - Lara Croft wannabe in a Royal Academy T shirt

Kirsten - another of the cheerleader gang

 Morgan - mod girl 

I'm planning to use Akula's Rules ( http://akulasrules.blogspot.co.uk/) with some RPG tweaks. I've still got a slack handful of survivors to paint and then on to zombies

Finally to end on the best record ever made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAtUw6lxcis&feature=player_embedded


  1. Nice looking ladies there Martin :)

    Oh, and welcome to the blogosphere :D

    1. And I'll see your Undertones and raise you a Stiff Little Fingers:

    2. cheers. do like SLF, used to have closed groove as my answer phone message

  2. Nice work Martin, the first figure looks like its based on Starbuck from Battlestar Gallactica??

    1. ta, forgot about Battlestar, found it a bit depressing, but of course she is

    2. I've actually got one of the other versions of Vic in my paint queue at the moment (the one in flight jacket and shades).

    3. Thought about that one. She's a great figure, shame my photography was so shoddy, again, cos the painting was quite good, not up to end of challenge standards but getting back there

  3. Nice and cleanly painted. There's the Durham Wargames Group open day on the 13th June, where there'll be some traders ... Sorry, I shouldn't tempt :)

    1. ta. spent a long time hiding and probably about time to come out and and play. will get back to you