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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Apocalypse Survivors

Thank you for all you kind comments and help. I don't intend to publish this frequently but I'd done some stuff.
After 3 weeks of not picking up a brush I'm back in the groove. I have been receiving a steady stream of parcels since the end of the Painting Challenge to rebuild my depleted lead mountain. I told myself I would wait until the Border Reiver show in September but there was so much good stuff that I couldn't resit.
Top of the list were some Hasslefree post apocalyptic survivors and a big ass box of zombies, which I will try and paint in grey scale. First of all  the survivors, these are as usual all beautifully sculpted and cast. They were a joy to paint and overall I'm pretty happy with these, although there is too much rubble on the bases and once again the photography leaves something to be desired, I need a proper camera, tripod and lights, oh and some natural ability.
I am somewhat of a failed perfectionist, my desire to achieve perfection is imperfect. The result of this is a could do better attitude, which I think is more constructive. Don't do resting on my laurels, you end up sitting on dead plants. Anyway enough rambling and on to the figures.
First up the veterans

Vic - hardened helicopter pilot

Laurie - channelling Katniss Everdeen

Next up the cheerleader gang

Summer - cheerleader from Rydell High

Eve - Lara Croft wannabe in a Royal Academy T shirt

Kirsten - another of the cheerleader gang

 Morgan - mod girl 

I'm planning to use Akula's Rules ( http://akulasrules.blogspot.co.uk/) with some RPG tweaks. I've still got a slack handful of survivors to paint and then on to zombies

Finally to end on the best record ever made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAtUw6lxcis&feature=player_embedded