Wednesday 8 February 2023

Siege of Vienna Polish Army

 I've been painting a 10mm Polish army for the Siege of Vienna for several years now. Well I painted some a few years ago and painted the rest last week.


More Cossacks

Winged Hussars

Some More Winged Hussars




I'm sure I have pictures of the other units but can't find them. So you will have to make do the whole army

The army with infantry in the centre and cavalry on the wings

Mixed cav on one wing

Infantry in the centre, Polish infantry is pretty rubbish and tended to hold the centre while the cavalry went off and had fun

The other flank

The figures are based for Kings of War with 4 bases being a regiment. However I can easily scale up and make 2 bases a regiment to give me an army twice the size.

Now I have to paint the Ottomans, I have none painted so give me few weeks