Monday 10 May 2021

Mad Painting Week

 I've had a busy teaching week and the weather has be weird. Bright sunshine punctuated by very heavy hail showers and far too cold for May. So I unpacked my painting head and knuckled down

My WW1 Dunsterforce is nearing assembly. These are the last of the Turkish Infantry. Gripping Beast via Colonel Bill.

Then some Anzacs, not really relevant to Battle of Baku, but useful for greater Mesopotamia battles

Next up more figures for the Italian Wars. I noticed that during the last seige the defenders had 2 regiments of mounted knights. These not a great amount of use, so I picked up some dismounted knights from Pendraken. These are 2 troops

THe rest I made into a regiment of foot knights.

Now for Swiss Halberders, 2 regiments and useful standard infantry types for messing up, or protecting, the flanks of pike blocks

And finally all 10mm Italian wars army needs a steam punk adventurer with 2 tame komodo dragons, from Gringos40

All in all a very productive week.


  1. Wooow! Really productive week!
    Looking great sir.

    1. cheers, It was unexpected but they were fairly easy to paint, no significant webbing etc.

  2. A week ! Too much you’ll need to buy some more stuff 🙂

    1. I know, 7 weeks to hammerhead. Planning to go mad. Now have enough brits or Turks to tight your russians

  3. Nice work on a variety of subjects

  4. A wonderful mix of periods, Martin. I'm loving your 10mm Italian Wars project. Such a great scale. Well done.