Saturday 29 August 2020

The Battle of Shiloh

 For the 1st time since about February I went over to Matt's for a game. Normally we play in the dungeon (cellar) on an 8x5 table. But with social distancing this would be problematic. However Matt has a new toy

He has a new shed, I say shed but it is more like a cricket pavillion and it easily holds a 12x6ft table. It's a really nice structure and fab for playing on a sunny summer day. Being the last weekend in August is is cold and cloudy.
We decided to go big and combine out ACW collections to fight the action around the crossroads at Shiloh. Overall there were 20 brigades and approx 1000 28mm figures on the table. We used our bolt action ACW variant which works very well.

The table was too big to get it all on a photo.

I was the confederates and generally have poor morale. My job was to attack, attack, attack. THe Union forces were battle hardened wit better morale

The Union wasusing hidden deployment with cards locating the regiments, some were blanks.

THe only plan therefore was to advance and find him. I rolled each turn to spot units, I only passed one of these so Matt appeared when he wanted to

Advancing past the abandoned Union camps

The Union camp has food, booze and boots so obviously the rebels kept stopping to have a look. THis really broke up my advance. Also historically the Confederates suffered badly from friendly fire, mainly cos some of them work blue uniforms. SO once per turn a unit, Matt's pick, to recieve an random number of pins and casualties. THis was also a little annoying

Artillery is generally not very effective in the rules. Not today. I haven't moved and Matt has routed a regiment from cannon fire

On the right as I advance the 1st Union division appears

On the left a few units appear

THe advance continues

Long distance shooting on the right is gradually thining out both sides, I am weak here

Back on the left the Union cards are nearly all blank.This is the way in. I can smash Matt's right and roll him up

The centre is also fairly weak. Let's smash that as well

Here we go

The field in the middle is difficult swampy terrain, keep out. THis will cause traffic jams

On we push

THe last turn, 8 hours later. I've not quite made it. The Union right is basically gone, the centre is at best about to collapse and I'm mob handed in both areas and will therefore force him to retreat away to the right. HTis is what happened in real life, the Union counterattacked, pushed the Rebels back and them the Rebels attacked again and won the day.
A brilliant game, the rules work well but we never quite finish, always too many forces. Great to see Matt again


  1. Great looking game and you are not the only ones to have too many soldiers on the table to finish a battle.

  2. Looks fab! Love the outdoor shed!

  3. Looks great .. I will have to come along some time!

    1. Dave you would be very welcome, we’ll sort something when the weather Gives us a chance of a war its day......But I’m not sure when that will be it is Cumbria !

    2. Let’s see how it goes then!

  4. Epic game! Must have been great to play face to face and in the semi-outdoors.

    1. It was brilliant. So many men to move about.

  5. Fantastic looking game Martin and Matt. Looks absolutely massive...and cool.